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Dr. Jae Carter is adding

something new.

Read more on this page or

go to the new website for

Biblical Life Coaching

Still Offered:
Time Limited Treatment for
Burnout and Rapid Grief Resolution

I continue to provide these focused and time-limited services. We can work together in person or by video-conference for six sessions or less. I don't set a specific price for the package any longer because your goals may only take two or three sessions instead of all six.


If I see that you need more time for deeper work such as resolving long-standing childhood issues or side-effects from dysfunctional relationships, we will discuss what your other options are. My mission is to guide you to the best options to restore your emotional health and well-being which may include referrals to other qualified health care providers.

I can provide these focused and rapid treatments because I do not use traditional talk therapy, which can be slower to achieve your goals. I use body-mind interventions primarily and in the case of burnout, then teach you how to change your habits to gain and maintain your goals.

Feel free to schedule a free initial phone consultation. An in-person 1.5 hour session is $125. I provide coaching at a lower rate if you would like ongoing support after six speciality-focus sessions in burnout or grief. You can see those prices at my other website

Image by Emma Harper

I've changed the focus of my practice.

I no longer provide counseling or psychotherapy except for the speciality focus I have listed above (Time-limited Burnout and Rapid Grief Resolution).


Thank you to all the wonderful therapy clients I've worked with through the years. Thank you to all the generous professionals and friends who have kindly referred people to me. I sincerely appreciate all of you.

I continue to provide services to existing therapy clients,

but I'm not accepting new therapy clients. 

If you are interested in Burnout treatment or Rapid Grief Resolution,

schedule a free initial consultation here.

If you are interested in Biblical Life Coaching,

here is my new website for you to read more about it.

Jae is now offering
Biblical Life Coaching


An excellent psychotherapist that I highly recommend is Dr. Lynn Heselton. You can contact her at or by calling 817-739-1950. She works on everything from stress to trauma resolution using EMDR and other advanced techniques.

Another outstanding psychotherapist that I highly recommend is Jett Cutter Roberts. You can contact him at or by calling 214-233-5680. He provides single sessions and EMDR intensives.

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